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Many Ponies Horse Highlights

This page features Many Ponies horses and their new owners. If you have a
Many Ponies Spanish Mustang and would like your horse featured on our web
site, EMail or regular mail us pictures and information, we will gladly add your
MP Royal Tiara
Foaled 6/22/2004
Sire Black Knight Warrior
SMR 2826 HOA
Dam Sioux Queen
SMR 2078 HOA

Tiara is owned by Sary Ladd, CA

Arrow Dynamic
aka Dino SMR 2240
Foaled 5/10/95
Sire Chico de Mayo
Dam Pretty Arrow

Dino is owned by Laney Humphrey of CA. They enjoy trail riding and
endurance riding together.
Photos courtesy of Laney

Dino as a foal.
Photo by M Pittman
MP Two Spots
renamed Chickasaw Cochise aka Cc
SMR 2624
Foaled 5/15/98
Sire Ghost Warrior
Dam Funny Face

CC was started as a driving horse when owned by Mona Pomraning. CC is now owned by Sary Ladd of CA

CC as a foal
Photo by M Pittman

Photo courtesy Mona Pomraning
MP Zorro
aka Diamond
SMR 2734
Foaled 7/15/99
Sire Ghost Warrior
Dam Dakota Dream Maker


Diamond as a foal
Photo by M Pittman

Diamond is owned by Lindsey Brunson of Wyoming. He is a full sister to
MP Day Dream pictured above.
Photos by M Pittman
MP Merlin
aka Gabby
SMR 2847
Foaled 5/6/00
Sire Ghost Warrior
Dam Chickasaw Magic

Merlin as a foal
Photo by M Pittman

Gabby is owned by Amanda Brunson of Wyoming. Photos by M Pittman
Diamond & Gabby
learning to drive
Photos courtesy of Brunsons